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The Community Welfare Cell is a body under the Students’ Gymkhana, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. The realm of ‘Community’ for the Cell includes students, faculty, staff members of the campus, the workers and their families, and any and all individuals who are related to the campus. It is to this community that the Cell finds itself morally accountable. In a larger setup and a farther vision, the Cell shall try to realize the responsibilities of the institute with respect to the city of Kanpur.

The Cell has 6 wings, each encompassing a different component of the community. The wings are:

  1. Pragati: It works in the field of rural, social innovations to achieve equality in development.
  2. Prakriti: It works in the field of environmental awareness and impact assessment to achieve equality in terms of sustainability.
  3. Prayas: It works in the field of education for the marginalized sections of the society to achieve equality in educational opportunities.
  4. Raktarpan: It works to combat blood shortage in order to achieve equality in proper healthcare facilities.
  5. Unmukt: It works to address the gender and sexual diversity in the community and to achieve equality against discrimination.
  6. Vivekananda Samiti: It spreads the message of Swami Vivekananda among the community members.